Veste Oberhaus App

Following the footsteps of knights and prince bishops

Turning your tour into a great experience, the new Veste Oberhaus app for smartphones in German and English is now available for free download. It provides exciting information on Veste Oberhaus, the Oberhausmuseum and the nature trail on the Georgsberg, as well as a multimedia guide that helps visitors "follow the footsteps of knights and prince bishops" throughout the fortress and the entire outdoor area. Numerous stations offer fascinating glimpses into life at the fortress with interesting information, images and films and take visitors on a journey back through time. The former drawbridge is brought back to life, the past becomes visible again, a panoramic tour helps you find the best views, and the treasure hunt invites you to find historic objects at the locations they were originally discovered.

You can download the Veste Oberhaus App from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Free WiFi at the fortress allows you to download the app on-site.