Corona rules and hygienic measures

Welcome to the Veste Oberhaus!

To make your visit as enjoyable and as safe as possible, we have developed comprehensive protective and hygienic measures in coordination with the relevant authorities. We ask for your understanding and apologise for any inconvenience caused by these measures, which have been implemented to ensure your personal safety as well as that of our employees. 

We are happy to welcome you and wish you a pleasant stay at the Veste Oberhaus!


The main exhibitions and St George's Chapel are open, the Observation Tower remains closed during the Christmas Opening. In addition the castle grounds with Battlement Walk, New Rampart and the Linde Battery view point (closed at dusk and bad weather) are also accessible.

Please note the current opening hours!

Due to the increased danger of infection, hands-on stations and media stations are not in operation for the time being.



The museum shop next to the ticket desk is open. 

The lockers continue to be accessible.


Tours & events
We offer guided tours of the castle grounds for groups in English. If you have any questions regarding booking, please consult our booking office at or call +49 851 396800 (Mon-Thur 9am - 3pm, Fri 9am - 12am).

With the free Veste Oberhaus App you can start a fascinating tour through the Veste Oberhaus at any time, "following the footsteps of knights and prince-bishops". The app includes various adventure tours, and glimpses behind otherwise locked doors make the past visible again. Free WiFi allows you to download the app on site.


Corona rules and hygienic measures

During your entire stay at the museum, please wear a FFP2 mask covering your nose and mouth. Masks can be purchased at the museum if required. Where necessary, please dispose of your mask in the waste bins provided. Children up to their 6th birthday are not required to wear masks, between the 6th and the 15th birthday a medical mask is sufficient.

All visitors (older than 12 years and three months) must be either recovered [genesen] or vaccinated [geimpft] and must possess a negative test result. 

Persons who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons are exempt from the 2G rule. They must produce proof by showing a original written personal medial report with full name and date of birth.

Valid test results
The result must be shown on paper or digitally.
1. PCR-test, PoC-PCR-test or a test using the same method of testing, not exceeding 48 hours ago
2. PoC-antigen test, not exceeding 24 hours ago
3. an supervised self-applied antigen test approved by the Federal Institut for Drugs and Medical Devices, not exceeding 24 hours ago

1. Visitors above the age of 12 and three months who have had their booster shot (at least 14 days ago)
2. children up to the sixth birthday
3. students who are tested regularly for school
4. Children not yet in school

All documents for 2Gplus must be provided on paper/digitally and in combination with proof of identification. Students should carry a student ID (not mandatory).

You do not need to leave your contact information.

The Oberhausmuseum doesn't offer testing facilities.

Please keep to the marked route, and follow the instructions of our staff.

Please do not enter the museum if you are feeling ill, or if you have recently been in contact with a sick individual.

Please use the disinfectant dispensers at the entrance to the museum.

Make sure you maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 metres from other people.

The museum buildings and sanitary facilities are all cleaned and disinfected regularly.


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