Observation Tower

Following extensive renovation work, the Observation Tower of Veste Oberhaus has been reopened to visitors. The new multimedia exhibition inside the 18th-century Observation Tower documents the multifaceted history of the German-Austrian border region along its main rivers – the Inn, the Salzach and the Danube. On a special interactive map you can find out about the territorial power structure, in which different rulers fought for power and influence over the centuries, the extensive trade routes, and also the region's numerous fortified structures. Access to the observation platform is accompanied by the 9-metre-high Time Tower, presenting the architectural history of Veste Oberhaus as well as impressive projections of exhibits in 3D. When you arrive at the top, a telescope with Augmented Reality technology gives you what is probably the best view of Passau and its surrounding region, while displaying the numerous ways in which the power structures across the centuries changed the townscape over the centuries.

The admission fee for the Observation Tower is included in the price for the museum ticket.

The exhibition presents the research results in the fields of building and art history achieved within the framework of the Oberhausmuseum's Interreg project ViSIT – in cooperation with the University of Passau, the Kufstein Fortress, the University of Applied Sciences in Kufstein, and the Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft.